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It's time for another edition of my slightly inconsistent weekly newsletter. This one starts off with a ton of words, so I'm keeping it short up here at the top. I hope you all are able to take a long holiday weekend and that if you're still able to find a pool or take the boat out one last time before we all start pretending it's fall (even though it'll still be 90 degrees outside).


Calvin Morris

Heavy Rotation

Beatles Radio on Spotify

I legit can't figure out how to link to this, so I'm just going to tell you about it. Lately Amanda has been playing Beatles Radio on Spotify for us around the house, and especially when we're trying to get Avery to take a nap. I dig this very strongly and it makes me super happy to think about Avery hearing all these songs for the first time. Even though she probably just thinks it's weird noise. Many adults may also think of the Beatles as weird noise. Whatever.

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I love technology (and science)


Phew! That's the end of this one. As a reminder, still looking for more Further Reading recommendations so send them my way. You can reply directly back to this newsletter and I'll get it. Thanks for reading!