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Usually Calvin puts some dry and witty welcoming words here. However recently he and I had a conversation about the different stages of parenting we currently exist in. My life consists of managing (and dare I say, mentoring) my six and nine year old kids via frequent dad-jokes (ask me about cashews) and occasional stern lecturing. Calvin's consists of trying to keep at bay the no-knock haz-mat raid squad of child protective services through timely management of various excretions from his months-old progeny. As a result, this issue (and future ones from time to time) will find me gladly opening the front door and welcoming you into this snug little abode of thoughtfulness and eclectic levity. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Brian Friedman

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As we close out Issue 22, one thing you can look forward to is a new category called "Trash Fire". We tend to over-collect cool things we want to share with you but run into limitations on how much we can fit into each issue. So occasionally we will be either sending out stand-alone "Trash-Fire" issues or including that category in a normal issue. We'll use the category to clear out our backlog, rapid-fire style. Fair warning has been given...

Stay warm out there and give your families an extra hug this week as we move closer to the holidays.

Brian Friedman