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Goodness gracious last week's food issue performed poorly in the clicks department, y'all. I guess everyone was happy with one or two food links per issue.

Well lucky for you, this week we're back to our freewheelin', theme-free ways with a bunch of interesting reads for you to check out during your (hopefully) long holiday weekend. Grab a cold beverage and a chair, and get to clicking (or tapping or swiping or scrolling or however you consume content).


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Thanks for reading, y'all are the best. We have quite the backlog of links and have most likely lost track of who shared them with us (sorry) so you should expect a Trash Fire issue next. As a reminder, if the link you shared ends up in the Trash Fire category, it's not because we think it's trash, it's because we couldn't wait any longer to share it–but may be too lazy to write commentary on it.

Until next time,

Calvin and Brian