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We spent a little time cleaning up our categories since our last issue, and we hope this makes for a more consistent experience for our dear readers. Introducing "TravelMASity", a dedicated section in which to place all of the links to places we would love to visit. Also, welcome "You Fancy, Huh" which will be replacing the "Random Things" category and be filled with links to weird tech and toys we probably aren't going to buy. Also also, we've added a "Further Listening" section where we can dump podcasts.


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You Fancy, Huh

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I love technology (and science)

Brian and I have been looking at, test driving, and overwhelming our wives with discussions about cars lately. In fact, Brian recently pulled the trigger and finally bought a new one. In light of our recent car obsessions and realizations that we still can't afford a Tesla, here are some links about car tech. - Calvin

Surprise mini-trash-fire GOGOGOGOGO! -Brian

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Further Listening


Sorry we missed our schedule there for a few weeks unless you were to consider that our actual schedule is no schedule at all hmmmmmmm??

Have a great weekend. Peace and Hair Grease.

Calvin & Brian