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Yesterday came suddenly...

The next few issues will have some loose themes tying their content together.

Long ago when we could travel we spent time on airplanes going to remote and interesting places. There's a certain wistfulness and ennui that comes on the way to such a journey where you wonder about your place in the arc of history and the thousands of years full of broken humans trying to meet the needs of those they love. Something about going to sleep in one place and waking up in a completely different place always connects us to this deeper current. Someday we may travel again, but for now we can always still journey into the past. Join us.

Calvin and Brian

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The theme for the next issue simply depends on which one we finish editing first. We have a habit of collecting a massive amount of content and then not publishing it nearly as ambitiously as we plan to, so we hope you enjoy this method of sharing. And, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you may have had it and with whomever you may have spent it.

Calvin and Brian