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It's cold. Places like Houston are shut down with multiple inches of snow. We hope you're staying warm out there. As is our wont, we bring this variable/periodic content provision service directly to your eyeballs via the magic of a series of tubes. Enjoy and please stay safe and warm.

Calvin and Brian

Heavy Rotation

Sea Shanties

If you missed the hubbub of sea shanties that saturated the socials a few weeks ago, we'd like to help you catch up. You won't be able to get these out of your head, and you'll likely find yourself humming them as you perform menial tasks throughout the rest of your week. - C

First, a damn solid video from a guy who deserves more subs about the rise of TikTok Sea Shanties.

Add some sweet sweet bass.

Bring the strings!


Business Time


Sports (Disc Golf)


Ok Boomer / OK Zoomer

Two links, one writer, highlighting the assumptions one generationally specific tribe makes about the other. - C

Part 1: What the Old Don't Get About the Woke

Part 2: What The Woke Don’t Get About the Old

I love technology (and science)

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Calvin and Brian