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Thanks for signing up. I'm going to be really honest: I'm so excited that newsletters are kind of hip right now. I think Calvin-age-10-3/4 would have been really proud of present-day-Calvin for starting one. I wrote so many "newsletters" and "announcements" to my siblings when I was a kid. I've actually discovered several of them while cleaning out my house recently. Ask me about this IRL.

Since this is the first issue, I wanted to give a quick definition for each of the categories you'll see below.

  • Timeless Things: these are what cool blogger types call "evergreen content". It's not based on trends or current events, it's just good content that you could read today or next year or five years from now and still get something out of it.
  • Random Things: these articles are nothing like the above. It's just random, trivial junk I see in the weird corners of the Internet I frequent.
  • Work / Productivity: I'm a sucker for a good post about someone's morning routine or how they've gotten their crap together and are now 10x more efficient at brushing their teeth (or something like that). I will endure all the eye-rolling these articles bring my way, because they make me happy.
  • Business Time: This is a reference to a show I didn't really watch but the song is really funny. These will be links to articles about business and the economy and stuff, and you'll be able to cite these articles to impress your friends and coworkers.
  • Sports (Basketball): I don't want to pretend that all the sports links won't be about basketball. They'll be about basketball.
  • Science And Stuff: Yep.
  • Further Reading: These are real-life books with paper pages, covered in ink, bound together with glue and not reliant on batteries. Some of them are books I've read, some I haven't read but I am pretending that I will read them. In actuality, they'll live on an Amazon wish list, where they will stay until I "accidentally" order them when Amanda is out of town.

Timeless Things

Random Things

Work / Productivity

Sports (Disc Golf)

I love technology (and science)

Further Reading