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Welcome to Issue #10, folks. That feels a little bit like a milestone for someone like me. I've most likely started ten blogs so far in my life, each one lasting a few posts before I decided it wasn't going to blow up, or that simply adding a new category wouldn't work because you could build a completely new blog around content like this!

Anyway, I've added a new category this week, maybe in honor of it being the tenth issue. It's called Heavy Rotation, which is an overused phrase but my first streaming music service that I really loved, Rdio, had a station by the same name that I really enjoyed and I couldn't think of anything better. This category is for music recommendations. You'll quickly learn that I'm musically schizophrenic; I'll listen to almost anything and "shuffle" is always a dangerous option on my devices. I'll also be sharing exclusively Spotify links because that's where I listen to music, so if you don't have Spotify, sorry bout it.

I hope you're enjoying the newsletter so far, but honestly I don't care. I'm having fun blasting my opinions into space every week so I'm just going to keep doing that until someone stops me.


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