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Hi Brian!

This is the first issue featuring additional commentary by the incomparable Brian F. I couldn't figure out a good way to differentiate which links were his and which were mine, so I've added our names after the comment to show who wrote it. That's lame, and I wish I knew who ran this software so I could ask them to make this easier...

Anyway, I think all of Brian's links and words are excellent. A strong start that I'm sure he'll continue into next issue (the twentieth!). In fact it was so strong that I kind of phoned this one in. Thanks for carrying the team, B.



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I love technology (and science)

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That's it for this issue. There's a chance we're going to have Issue 20 ready by this weekend, which would mean two issues in a week (and we'll be "back on track" or something). Judging by how you folks have read these in the past, having a few issues stockpiled shouldn't be a problem.

Yes, I have creepy stats that tell me if you actually open these newsletters. Sorry not sorry.

Have an excellent rest of the week!

Calvin & Brian (Hey B we need a sign-off or something)