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Happy Thanksgiving! This is the twentieth issue of Mark as Read, so I'm kinda proud of that.

We've got quite the issue this week, even featuring a "discussion" between Brian and I about Net Neutrality. Remember when your parents would be arguing loudly – some may call it yelling – and then you'd ask why they were fighting and they would say "we're not fighting, we're having a discussion"? Like that.

I hope you have a wonderful day (or two) of relaxing and spending time with family. In fact, if you happen to be reading this when you could be hanging out with your family, stop reading this and go hang out with your family. Then when they all fall asleep after eating too much you can keep reading.


Calvin Morris

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Basically a Rap Battle

...except not as entertaining. Brian and I decided to go head-to-head-ish on a topic we have different opinions about. Brian probably won this one, but you can decide. If you do enjoy this though, shoot us an email with GIFs in it. – Calvin

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Thanks as always for reading. Y'all are the best.

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