Intro / Preface / Extra Words

Heyyy there, hope you had a wonderful holiday and that any resolutions you made after 3-4 adult beverages on NYE are still on track.

In honor of this being Issue 25 of Mark as Read and the first of 2018, we have attempted to make this issue a little more cohesive than usual. You could even say it has a theme. If I had to name the theme I think it would be "get back to work" (but not until you finish reading all of our words about articles we didn't write).


Calvin and Brian

Heavy Rotation

Current Things

Business Time

Work / Productivity

I love technology (and science)


That's it for Issue 25, folks. Hopefully we'll be back in your inbox at least once or twice more this month, and maybe by then we'll have gotten around to hosting our newsletter at our super-cool new domain we bought.

If you've shared a link recently, we haz it, we just haven't gotten around to using it yet. Keep 'em coming. And if you want a sure-fire way to be featured in this newsletter, write the commentary for us. We are lazy.

Until next time,

Calvin and Brian