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A long time ago in a newsletter far far away... well at least several weeks (months?) ago when we started building this issue, a Star Wars movie was a freshly minted thing and you probably had just seen The Last Jedi or were at least consciously abstaining from seeing it as beneath you. But in the way of these things (i.e. people motivated by the purity of passion and not for crass monetary remuneration) we find ourselves in February and you've probably moved onto newer and shinier things. But that doesn't mean there isn't a special place in your heart for wars in the stars and hopefully this themed issue will help you survive until the upcoming launch of Calvin and I's new skin care line Force+Sith...

Brian Friedman

Heavy Rotation


That's it for this issue, friends.

May the Force be with you.

(I mean of course that's how this issue ends. There is definitely no other way it could end. You knew it was coming. Hush.)

Calvin & Brian