Intro / Preface / Extra Words

Brian and I like to read things on the Internet, and we read a lot of things on the Internet. While we love sharing many of those things with you via this newsletter, we've received feedback that maybe we should share slightly less of those things in the interest of y'all feeling like you can actually read every link in each issue.

In light of this feedback, and in an effort for us to make these issues a little easier to create and distribute, we've limited ourselves to five (FIVE) links this issue.

In other news, our very first podcast episode, which covers the "making of" / behind-the-scenes of Issue 39's creation, has been recorded and is getting a little polish before going live. We'll be posting the link on various social media channels, so be on the lookout for that.

In other other news, the next edition of Trash Fire is coming soon, like really soon. Like it might be in your inboxes just in time for Thanksgiving travel reading.

We love you all. Enjoy.

Calvin & Brian

Heavy Rotation


You Fancy, Huh

Sports (Disc Golf)

Further Reading


That's it for this issue. We know, crazy right? Let us know your comfort level with the new format; did you love it, hate it, or would you have even noticed if we hadn't said anything?

And be on the lookout for Ep 1 of our upcoming podcast, it's gonna be hawt.

Calvin & Brian