Intro / Preface / Extra Words

We have been working really hard on an issue that is a slight departure from what we normally send out. We thought we'd have it ready last week, but after a thorough review from our editors (thanks Amanda and Katie) we think it still needs work.

Since we don't actually have deadlines, we'll fiddle with it until we deem it worthy of publication. Until that point, we did not want to leave you with nothing to read but silly Facebook rants. We proudly present to you the fifth (by our count) occurrence of a good old-fashioned Mark as Read Trash Fire.

Calvin and Brian

Trash Fire


We would like to imagine that the teaser about the issue we've been working on has elicited feelings of anticipation in your mind. Therefore, we can say: be on the lookout for our highly-anticipated next issue. Have a great rest of the week!

Calvin and Brian