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The first draft of this issue included approximately 7x as many words as the one you are now receiving. A lot of people, ourselves included, have a lot of anger and pain pent up inside right now for a lot of reasons. On the one hand, as centrists, we wanted to yell at the left and right and tell them to stop hating each other and also thought maybe it was time for the non-extremists to be louder in the dialogue. But on the other hand, as Christians, we both want to move towards pain and need and bring as much empathy to those around us as we can possibly squeeze out of our graciously justified yet still not completely sanctified souls. And while it felt good to yell and preach, we felt those thoughts needed to be refined in the fire of grace and charity a little longer.

Moving forward we may work those ideas into a Medium post, or you may see some version of them salted into future issues. But the best venue to hash out difficult things with other broken individuals is to do it in person, ideally over some sort of brown liquid in a glass. Let's all do more of that and less online shaming and tribal panicking.

Hopefully this issue brings some interesting challenges to our thinking as we explore (with humility) some more current aspects of the world around us than we usually do. One thing we are pretty sure of is we should all be less sure of everything. We invite you to take off your red or blue hats as you enter this space. We don't agree with everything in these articles but we think they are all interesting. We hope the curiosity in your brain will be kindled and at the end we all walk away less certain and more open to listening to all those around us.

Calvin & Brian

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To quote one of the 20th century's most respected thinkers: "Be excellent to each other." We'll do our best and hope to see you again soon.

Calvin & Brian