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Generation X Manages

We begin Issue 61 with a delightful look into the mind of your Gen-X boss. Enjoy! - C

Brian here... apropos of nothing I've been discussing with several other Gen-X'ers how amazing Gen-X bosses are. We've tried to distill this wisdom into a handy-dandy guide to how to manage like a Gen-X'er aka the Efficiently Indifferent Management System. I don't claim to follow this 100% of the time but consider this the platonic ideal of a manager born between 1960 and 1980.

H/T Wes B. & Joe D. & Scott B.

  • Don't tell me your feelings.
  • If your kid has a thing go take care of it. Why are you telling me about it?
  • If you're not here I'm assuming you're taking care of something with your kid.
  • If we have a meeting that's important don't surprise me with your absence at said meeting. Otherwise don't call me.
  • Figure out how to get along with other people (like an adult does) and don't bring petty interpersonal slights to me to complain. Figure that stuff out and don't let it get in the way of doing your job.
  • Get your job done.
  • Make sure I'm not surprised. Otherwise don't call me.
  • Here are your goals. Figure out how to meet them. Let me know if you want to brainstorm on that but I'm not telling you how to do it. That's what you're here for. Otherwise don't call me.
  • Help me look good upstairs.
  • I'm happy to teach and share best practices anytime you want. Call me for this purpose anytime. Otherwise don't call me.
  • Act like an adult.
  • I'll get you all the money you deserve (and not more) plus push you to your optimal level of responsibility and authority in the organization.

The Optimal Gen-X management system employee is Fire & Forget. I give you a task and we both walk away knowing it will be done without further involvement from me. All my best bosses have been Gen-X'ers (~1960-1980ish). If you like to be treated as an adult with a brain who can make decisions without a babysitter Gen-X bosses are for you. -B

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