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Calvin and his wife recently made a person. As a pro family leave advocate, I've unilaterally made the decision to bring in some substitute writers to give Calvin a bit of a break while still semi-randomly raining thought droplets down upon ye, the thirsty masses.

Ergo, please welcome some new by-lines to the chat. Some of these folks enjoyed the experience of writing so much they've asked to do more of it in the future. I'm trying to figure out if they weirdly miss homework and 5 paragraph essays from middle school? Or maybe writing is art and there's a joy to creating art that once unchained picks at your brain incessantly. I know write posts in my head all the time, some tiny fraction of which actually make it to this space.

So this could be an ongoing thing. I've got a couple other folks working on some stuff that isn't in this issue. And if giving me 100-500 words on a topic with a related link is something you think would be a thing you'd want in your life feel free to reply back to this email and we can start a convo. -Brian

Calvin and Brian



Business Time


Sports (Disc Golf)

I love technology (and science)

_______ is not real life

Further Reading


Ya'll did so good. More of this please.

Michael- Dang bro.... Definitely not hating the player or the game.

Cam- is the Virginia state flag good? It seems pretty hardcore to me. Interested in your take.

Paul- Light after Darkness indeed.

Joe- Admitting to the brokenness we all have inside takes incredible courage. Continuing to pray for you. I hope your link is the most clicked in this issue. I clicked it.

Speaking of keeping the wheels on the track ya'll be thinking about Calvin. Going from a single progeny to multiple progeny is no joke. We barely survived it. Post Tenebras Lux. -B

Calvin and Brian