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An important programming question for y'all: which of our various formats do you like best?

So far we've done:

  1. lots of categories with a few links in each one
  2. lots of links loosely organized around a central topic or theme
  3. lots of links with zero context dumped into your inbox aka our Trash Fire issues

One thing we haven't tried–at least not that we remember–is lots of links in one category. For example, what if there was a "You Fancy, Huh" issue...

Reply back to this email and let us know your favorite format. We will assume that readers who don't reply are voting for the Trash Fire format.

Calvin and Brian

Heavy Rotation


Business Time

You Fancy, Huh


I love technology (and science)

_______ is not real life


The weather is getting pretty great outside. We hope you're getting plenty of vitamin D and fresh air. We're getting the former but not the latter as here in the south the pine trees have exfoliated particulate matter to a parts per million level beyond that which our facial drainage systems can be reasonably expected to handle. I'm not sure preventing global warming is worth all this eye watering and sneezing.

We should quit planting a million trees and start cutting down a million trees and invest in personal air conditioner suits we can all walk around in to stay cool but enjoy the clean (if scalding) air. Something for us to think about.

Anyways, see you soon!

Calvin and Brian