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We've got to confess we're a little pent up after our summer newslettering break. The queue is about 300 links deep (URFFF). We've got strong opinions about a bunch of things and will attempt to smooth off all the rough edges and mancala them into your inbox in orderly and sequential fashion over the next month or two.

We've also got a new category called the Soap Box dedicated to the list of super ranty things Brian is often riled up about. See issue 86 for the full list. It is loosely oriented around our (lack of) societal ambition, energy (abundance), population growth (or lack thereof), and the (maybe not) continuing progress of technology. Basically it is a corner for Brian to attempt to confine his more passionate and typically dour diatribes so you can safely choose whether or not you're up for that sort of mental engagement today. We'll attempt to limit him to no more than a couple of items in the Box each time. Time will tell how that goes...

(Irrrr)regardless we've got 3 or 4 of these badboys lined up for the early fall-ish-ness era of 2022. Hope you enjoy!

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The Soap Box

OK, I don't know if I'm allowed in the soap box category. A little 'inside baseball' on this newsletter:

Inviting Brian to write it with me was one of the best ideas I've ever had. There's zero chance I would have stuck with this as long as I have if it weren't for Brian. Every now and again he texts me "we should send out an issue" and I say "yeah let's do it" and then forget immediately.

So if he didn't get in here and write stuff there would never be another one of these. BUT what that means is that when I eventually get around to writing anything he's had his stuff in here for awhile and has no clue what I'm gonna do with it. And then I push the send button.

BUT ALSO oftentimes I log into this software to discover that Brian has created yet another content category and I've just got to roll with it. Since it's more fun to never discuss this, it will continue thusly.

AnYwAyz I think that this is a wonderful new category and I look forward to seagulling (think about it) whatever Brian puts in here right before publication.

To that end, I'd like to say about the megaregions monarchy bit: ok so this is our entire next issue, right? -C

_______ is not real life


Hope everyone gets to eat some red beans this weekend. Ciao! P.S. did you catch our mysterious guest writer or do you even notice which letter appears at the end of each commentary blurb?

Calvin and Brian