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We've got some sort of new technology now operating in the background that will make reading and responding to your replies to this newsletter not only possible but positively easy. And to those of you who have emailed us before it is probable that one of us read your response. But not assured. And for that we are sorry. Moving forward please shoot us your thoughts, disagreements, or lavish praise just by clicking that reply button.

As part of rolling out this new tech, a discussion between us has started about what the email address that you receive this newsletter from should actually be. Calvin is the OG founder and so it currently comes to you from [email protected] but most email clients should also pick up the meta text and display it as Calvin and Brian. You may see us change the actual email address sometime in the near future so if that happens don't be confused.

To that end we need your suggestions on what the email address should be. The part is locked. But the [email protected] can be anything. Since we both live(d) in Memphis we perhaps could adopt a Memphis flavor? The current leading candidate is Junt Yeeter Manes which is 100% going to confuse any non-Memphian and honestly most Memphians as well so probably we should keep exploring the space.

Tell us what you think it should be. If we pick yours we'll absolutely positively probably give you credit in a shout out in a future edition.

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If you’re surprised / impressed / appalled that we’ve sent out this many issues in a row, then join us because we are too. Here’s to another one!

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