Intro / Preface / Extra Words

Hey Ya'll!

And yes that is spelled correctly and don't give me any guff about it.

How YA doing.
ALL of the things.
Y A ' A L L.

If you say ya'll I guarantee the base word in your vocabulary sounds much more like YUH than YUU. We can't always trust the science, especially when it comes to the best 2nd person plural available to English speakers ("yinz" anyone? )

Hit reply and let us know the worst 2nd person you've heard....

Anyhoo... enjoy these links ya'll!


Get out.




Business Time


I love technology (and science)

All Geek To Me


That's it. That's the email.

Hope ya'll yinzers had a great weekend. Don't get into any trouble this week without us.

IT HAS BEEN SO DIFFICULT NOT TO FIX THIS BRIAN. I leave all your double spaces after periods and this is the thanks I get?

Y'all are the best and have a very nice day.

Calvin and Brian