Intro / Preface / Extra Words

In issue 78 Calvin made me laugh out loud, like literally (and by that I mean the actually literally not the way the kids use it today which literally doesn't mean literally).

Our general workflow for these things is there's a lot of back and forth getting content and words together then when things are almost ready Calvin as the OG founder and Chief Comma Officer does a final touch up and hits send.

His stern “Get out” to my opening salvo (which I read along with you having never seen it before) about ya'll vs y'all was unexpected and made me wonder if for maybe the 3rd time in my life I had crossed a line I should have thought more about before crossing.

This seems to be correct as I’ve had a number of folks in “my dm’s” giving me the business about my spelling of “ya’ll”.

So I reconsidered.

And I’ve decided I’m right. Sorry ya’ll.

Calvin- I’m so sorry…. But sometimes you’ve got to die on the hill you’ve needlessly created out of a mole hill to justify your own chronic inability to spell a very simple word.

Irregardlessly, as recompense for my lack of contrition I have put together an abbreviated and weird single topic issue that is weird and wonderful and probably will delight about 5 of our subscribers.

Circa 1998 I played an online role playing game called Ultima Online. The internet and online role playing games were the wild wild west back then and it felt like anything could happen. Let me share a couple of gems from back in the day...


All Geek To Me


Ok that's the end of my rogue nerd-fest. We have a more traditional bi-lateral Christmas issue coming here shortly. That will (probably) be the last one for 2021. See you soon.