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As we approach Christmas and the general holiday season we want to share the four active drivers of happiness from Yale's Research on Happiness:

  1. Spending time with friends and family.
  2. Practicing gratitude.
  3. Practicing optimism.
  4. Physical activity.

We will take this as an assignment particularly well suited for this time of year. We're thankful for so many things and somewhere in that lengthy list we appreciate you for spending some portion of your valuable time reading through what we share. Thank you and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

A quick note about the last issue: apparently the web archive thingy doesn't do UTMs, so none of the links in the last section worked. We fixed it, but you need to view the web version of that newsletter to click through. So anyone that was ready to dive into all that, start here.

Calvin and Brian

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OK so if you're the kind of person that appreciates direct application, our intro today could very easily be applied to any casual round of disc golf.

  1. Spend time with friends and family by taking them to the closest disc golf course.
  2. Practice gratitude when you realize you are outside having fun.
  3. Practice optimism by thinking "surely I won't hit another tree".
  4. Physical activity: playing a full round of disc golf will get you those steps on your step tracker. But also bending over to pick up the disc from the ground is an increasingly strenuous activity depending on your age so there's that.

That's it. We'll see you next year. We wish you peace and goodwill now and in the year to come.

Calvin and Brian