Intro / Preface / Extra Words

Our last issue, which honestly was the first one in a fairly chunky amount of time, saw well above our normal level of readership. It seems like people might be sitting around looking for things to amuse themselves for some reason?

This issue we've added a, er, situationally-specific section at the end. If you're looking for 100% pure escapism from the turd that is our current reality, feel free to skip past that to our final words. We'll try to include only items that we think have more than in-the-moment temporal value.

Calvin & Brian


Business Time

Truvia Crime

My Carona

I love technology (and science)

Rear View Mirror

Trash Fire


That's it for this edition of Mark as Read. Thanks for reading and we hope to see all of your shining, relatively unwashed and unkempt selves ASAP.

Calvin & Brian